Tools for Enhancing the Informed Consent Process and Participation of Underrepresented Groups in Research

Strengthening translational Research in Diverse Enrollment

The STRIDE approach focuses on enhancing the informed consent process through selection and combination of innovative intervention components based on a study’s goals and institutional resources.

STRIDE Components:

Simulation-based training to enhance research assistants’ cultural sensitivity and ability to engage participants in the eConsent process

Electronic consent (eConsent) platform to generate an interactive and engaging informed consent experience

“Storytelling” about the research process to enhance comprehension and cultural relevance of the informed consent and research in general

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Simulation-based power and sample size calculation for designing interrupted time series analyses of count outcomes in evaluation of health policy interventions (PDF)
Design, analysis, power, and sample size calculation for three‐phase interrupted time series analysis in evaluation of health policy interventions (PDF)
A REDCap-based model for electronic consent (eConsent): Moving toward a more personalized consent (PDF)
Improving Access to Research Among Individuals from Under-represented Racial and Ethnic Minority Communities (PDF)

Investigator Decision Support Tools

Community Investigator position description (PDF)
Implementation Checklist
STRIDE Implementation Considerations

We welcome your use of STRIDE materials and processes available on this site. In return, we ask that you credit the STRIDE project by citing the following source: Danila MI, Allison JJ, Goins KV, Chiriboga G, Fischer M, Puliafico M, Mudano AS, Rahn EJ, Merchant J, Lawrence CE, Dunkel L, Israel T, Barton B, Jenoure F, Alexander T, Cruz D, Douglas M, Sims J, Richmond A, Roberson ED, Chambless C, Harris PA, Saag KG, Lemon SC. Development of a Multi-component Intervention to Promote Participation of Blacks and Latinx Individuals in Biomedical Research. Journal of Clinical and Translational Science. In press.