STRIDE Community Engagement Approach

Community Investigators

Download our STRIDE CI description

STRIDE Community Investigator Position Description

Download our STRIDE CI Position Descriptions

STRIDE CI Selection Process:

UAB – The UAB STRIDE team worked with multiple sources to identify Community Investigators (CIs). During the course of the project, CIs were identified through: 1) Connection Health, a local non-profit community health organization interested in community-based, health improvement research; 2) the UAB Minority Health & Health Disparities Research Center (MHRC), which generates and disseminates research knowledge in order to reduce the health disparities experienced by vulnerable populations and disadvantaged communities; and 3) a standardized patient who participated in the STRIDE RA training component of the project at UAB.

UMMS -The UMMS STRIDE team hired as Community Investigator a community member involved in a prior UMMS project that brought in community advisors to work with research assistants. He was hired prior to development of the STRIDE CI position description and helped develop it.

VUMC – The VUMC STRIDE team worked with the Meharry-Vanderbilt Community Engaged Research Core to identify known community members (i.e., individuals who had worked with Vanderbilt previously or were recommended by trusted sources) that aligned with the job description and represented the communities of interest for this project. With guidance from the Community Engagement team, the project team did in person interviews with prospective candidates to determine their interest and availability and whether they would be a good match for the project.


Community Engagement Studios

A Community Engagement Studio is a one time meeting where 6-10 community leaders come together to give feedback on a specific part of a research project. A Studio is not the same as a focus group. Community members in a Studio are treated as experts who consult on the project, not research participants. In the STRIDE project, community members have given feedback on the procedure videos in eConsent, Avatars and reasons why people do and do not decide to participate in clinical trials.

Community Campus Partnerships for Health

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